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Must-Know Ways To Spend More Time Outside

Must-Know Ways To Spend More Time Outside

It’s summertime again. Rather than living like a couch potato, we should all try to spend more time outdoors; after all, we were just trapped in our houses for more than a year and a half. These are some must-know ways to spend more time outside this summer. Get your tan on rather than watching the same show on Netflix for the tenth time.


Many people are still uncomfortable going to the gym; have you ever tried to work out while wearing a mask? It’s not easy! Luckily, the great outdoors can act as your physical fitness center. For example, you can work out at a park or jog on a trail. Think about places where to ride your electric bike, too. Electric bikes can help you stay fit by working your core—plus, they’re super fun to ride.


Another way to spend more time outside is by gardening. Those with a green thumb should visit plant stores to get things that’ll help their homes stand out. Paying a little extra attention to your landscaping may increase the value of your house. You may even consider starting a vegetable garden so you can eat your own products.


Summer is the perfect time to volunteer outdoors. Here are a few ideas that’ll get you outside and help the community:

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