Keep Your Cannabis In Its Prime State: And How To Know If Its Prime Is Past

If you wish to enjoy the best effects and benefits cannabis can offer, then make sure to consume it during its prime time. And, if you had your weed for a long time now, maybe it is time to check to see if it is past its prime time in order to protect your health. 

Although marijuana doesn’t go bad as all the other food items, it can reach a state where it becomes non-ideal as it loses potency. Plus, it can also get moldy. If you have any underlying health conditions, then a moldy pot is not something you should be consuming. 

If you are using cannabis for medical reasons, then once it starts decreasing in potency and health benefits, it might not be of great service to you any longer. 

For How Long Can Marijuana Stay Fresh And Prime?

A couple of different factors can determine how long cannabis stays fresh, such as storing, sunlight, humidity, and temperature.

If it is stored the ideal way, then dried marijuana can stay fresh from anywhere between 6 months and one year. 

According to some research done quite a while ago, cannabis will start losing potency after one year. This data shows that 16% THC is being lost after one year, 26% after two years, 34% after 3 years, and 41% after 4 years. As you can see, the loss of potency is quite significant. 

Older cannabis usually changes in texture, taste, and smell. When marijuana will start getting old, it will either change its aroma (such as smelling and tasting harsh) or lose it completely. 

Another clue may lie in its appearance. If your weed crumbles easily or is sponge-like upon breaking it off, then it is most likely old. 

BudStars points out that when your cannabis is at this stage, using it won’t harm you, it just won’t be as effective. But, if it hits the moldy stage, then you should stop consuming it as it could cause some unpleasant side effects.

Checking Your Cannabis For Mold

If you wish to check whether or not your weed is moldy, you should do so really carefully. In some cases, the mold might be hard to see as it can be pretty small in size. It may look like white fuzzy or powdered-sugar-like spots. It might smell musty, and it usually carries an off-taste. 

If your health condition is prime, then using moldy marijuana might only cause coughing, nausea, or vomiting. But, for anyone with a weaker immune system, inhaling vapors or smoke from cannabis that contains fungi or bacteria can cause serious illness, and possibly even death. 

So, if you are someone with a weakened immune system, then don’t risk it. If you notice that your weed is off in any way, simply toss it out. 

Storing Your Cannabis The Ideal Way

If you want your cannabis to maintain its potency, taste, and aroma, then storing it the proper way is essential. 

  • Pick The Ideal Container. In this case, plastic containers or plastic bags are not the way to go. Your best choice would be a glass jar that seals airtight (you can check out mason jars). In comparison to plastic containers, glass jars do not cause static charges, plus they limit oxygen exposure much more effectively. 
  • Keeping It In A Dry, Cool, And Dark Place Is Vital. Direct sunlight can have a breakdown effect on cannabis, and it can cause heat which will elevate moisture and lead to mold. The ideal storing temperature would be below 77 Degree Fahrenheit. 
  • Remember To Check For Humidity. The ideal humidity level for your weed would be between 59 and 63 percent. Higher humidity can cause moisture and mold, whereas low levels can force your cannabis to dry out. You can get humidity packs specifically designed for the preservation of cannabis, or you can also buy a marijuana humidor and store your weed in there. 

You might be wondering why it is not recommended to keep your cannabis in the fridge or freezer. The temperature at this level can expose your cannabis to moisture, which eventually will lead to mold. 

As long as you are storing your weed the proper way, it should stay fresh and prime for an extended period of time. This way, its potency, aroma, and taste will last for at least one year, so you can savor it and benefit from its effects for a long time.