turkey Thanksgiving

We don’t just talk about sports here on because we are a sophisticated lot. Today I’ll steer clear of our usual thought-provoking and insightful Steelers coverage and offer this piece on dining.


What is the Gobblerito you ask? It’s Thanksgiving dinner IN A BURRITO! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn all in a burrito and covered with gravy and delicious cranberry sauce on the side. Maybe if the Pilgrims and Indians would have invited some fucking Mexicans to their la-di-da dinner then WE COULD HAVE HAD THIS YEARS AGO. Plus the Mexicans would have done the dishes afterwards. Is this thing new? I don’t know. I’ve been going to Mad Mex for years and just discovered it. The waitress told us it’s only available in October and November so I am GOING BACK NEXT WEEK.

I am a Mad Mex whore. I can’t get enough of their red sangria and their pineapple habanero salsa and their Carnitas burrito. (I feel like shit for two days after every trip there but it is well worth it.) Now the gobblerito is messing with my mind. I can’t wait to have more. Thanksgiving will be such a letdown this year. WHAT THE FUCK? THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THE GOBLERITO! When I have my last meal on death row it’s going to be a Carnitas burrito AND the Gobblerito. I think they let you order two things.

I love Thanksgiving. By far the best holiday. I don’t think it gets nearly enough hype. Football and food and none of the gift or church bullshit like Christmas. Thanksgiving was awesome when you were a kid too because you got a five day weekend and it was just like a little appetizer before the huge Christmas break. Plus the whole week leading up to it you just traced your hand to make turkey pictures while your teacher complained about how hard their job is. Whoever invented Thanksgiving is a genius and my favorite person ever. There should be ANOTHER HOLIDAY just in his honor.

By the way my wife had the pumpkin margarita and it was shit.

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