Is men’s health the next worldwide concern after COVID-19?

Presently, the whole of the world has united in combating the deadly coronavirus. The virus was declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). It caused more deaths and casualties than the total number of people who died in World War 2.

After the release of the vaccine, the situation has come under sufficient control. Doctors and medical experts are of the view that in a few years we will live normally like earlier before.

Instead, they are worried about some other reasons, and that is the rapid and continuous decline in men’s health. In this article, we learn in detail about the reasons that have resulted in such grave conditions and also about the possible solutions. 


Unemployment in lockdown times

According to the reports by the survey agencies alone in India more than 120 million people lost their jobs. In the most powerful nation on the planet, in the US 35% of small businesses and startups permanently shut down.

This caused a great deal of unrest among the common man and their families. Anything does not feel tough unless the bread and butter of a man being attacked. But this time the national lockdown saw workers being expelled from their jobs.

Now one may say, that the effect was felt by the whole family and not only the man. It is true but in most of the cases, the sole earning member of the family was a man. Seeing your wife and children being hungry for days breaks you from inside.

You must have heard about people committing suicides because they had EMI’s to pay for a car loan, home loan, etc. No one knew that the situation would be so bad. Some people were not expelled but their paycheck was reduced to less than half. 

Amidst all this maintaining mental composure is not easy for a common man. Earlier people could get checked up with psychiatrists but this time even depression patients were forced to live on their own.

Managing work and sleep cycle

Going to the gym, drinking protein shakes is not the only necessity for good health. But the most basic element is sleeping for adequate hours. Even machines need rest to work efficiently otherwise they blast causing destruction.

Whereas we are humans, and our mind does multiple tasks in a single second. So, it surely requires rest and cares just like machinery. But are we providing our body with the needed amount of rest? 

The main culprit is the big tech companies snatching the rest from the lives of their employees by making them work like hell. An average government employee works typically from 9 am to 5 pm. But a private employee has no entry and endpoints for durations. Sometimes more 8 hours, sometimes even 18 hours. 

Even during holidays, the employees are not left to rest but are burdened with more work. And in the current situation, the whole workforce shifted from offices to our homes. Earlier employees used to work vigorously in their offices and when they returned home, they left the work behind them.

The home was for relaxation, intimate time with partners, watching TV, and getting rid of all the tensions and worries that you accumulated in the office. But mixing the home and office is a solution for the companies and the government but when applied in homes it doesn’t work effectively. 

Usually, after reaching their homes from the office, people slept mostly around 11 pm. But with work from home, everything has been mixed like noodles. The whole family is having lunch together at the dining table but you are stuck on your laptop.

You sleep late at night around 2 am and wake up at 6 am for submitting deadlines. This has led to the work invading people’s privacy and destroying the lines between work and sleep. The time which one used to spend with their partner was spent on matching balance sheets. This resulted in the rise in orders of mood-enhancing pills.

Not only the efficiency of such employees is reduced but internally they are hurt but they cannot share this feeling with someone because not many jobs are left and no one wants to leave existing ones.

Possible solutions of reviving men’s health

Eating healthy food

Food is the main ingredient that can determine how your body functions and how effectively you would execute a given task.

The severity of the situation is such that most of the men are dependent on antidepressants to lead a normal life.

Avoid eating fast food items and prefer home-cooked food even if you go to other places. In times like today, it is better to keep your immunity at its best. 

Exercise regularly

Finally, make your body move by exercising and stretching regularly. Go for a short stroll in the morning and in the evening which will keep your blood pressure level normal.