Is It Possible To Suddenly Cure Impotency In Men? Here Is What You Need To Know!

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The answer comes in two parts. The first part is that yes, it is possible to cure impotency in men. The second question is what type of impotency you are talking about. If your indication is erectile dysfunction or secondary impotency, then you can cure it.

Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotency by some medical experts. Depending on the age, health status and causes of erectile dysfunction, you can cure the problem from root. Some males have impotency from the birth. Whatever may be the case, it needs medical treatment or surgery to cure impotency case from the birth. But normally, a Viagra 100 mg tablet cures erection issue instantly. Let us study the issue in details.

Physical Causes behind Impotency 

Lifestyle diseases often affect sexual life of a male. Smoking, poor diet, blood pressure, obesity, constant fatigue in body, etc adversely affect sexual life. An overweight man cannot get an erection that is hard for a sexual intercourse. Just physical causes without medical cause can easily be reversed. Only a healthy diet, some exercises and regular break from a hectic life can reverse the erection issue. 

The cure will happen without use of medicines. It has been observed by medical experts that when a man keeps weight in check, has a regular healthy diet and performs some form of exercises, he improves his erection. A younger male or mid aged man without apparent medical cause can get cure without need of any medicine. However, you can use Cialis of dose 40mg for an instant erection. With gradual improvement, you will feel less and less use of medicines.

Medical Causes can delay the Cure of Erectile Dysfunction 

Medical issues can delay the cure, as some of them need medical intervention. Prostate cancer or benign prostate enlargement affects sexual life of a male. Here, the use of erectile dysfunction medicines will not bring the desired result. The medical treatment to cure prostate issue will restore the sexual life of the male. Even after prostate cancer surgery, a male can maintain sexual life. But he has to give full time to recovery. After recovery with medical consultations, it is safe to use Cialis 5mg. depending on age, it is possible to get cure from erection forever. 

Counseling Sessions for Emotional and Psychological Issues 

Countless youngsters dealing with emotional and psychological issues face erectile dysfunction. They even loss interest in life and all its enjoyments. Some even take recreational drugs to overcome the crisis. The trigger could be stress, hectic lifestyle, relationship issue, financial or business worry, or facing a blank future. The solution for them is to take counseling sessions to deal with mental agony. The cognitive behavior therapy that is the main part of the counseling session, help such younger people. They learn to change their attitude towards the same issue to get better of it. 

It must be noted here, the when a male is dealing with erectile dysfunction from some emotional cause, erectile dysfunction medicines do not help much. The reason is that sexual stimulation is needed to get the erection even after using a medicine like Viagra 150, the higher dose. The treatment of underlying emotional issues is very important. Even without use of medicines, it is possible to get an erection after successfully dealing with emotional or psychological issues. 

So, it is possible to cure impotency that emerged later in life irrespective of cause. In many cases, it is even possible to cure it permanently. The old and senior males who have some medical issues underlying the cause can overcome the erection issue with medicines. Just know the dose for your degree of erectile dysfunction. Choose brand or generic version like Fildena, but let your doctor pick up dose. Avoid any other medicines with the erectile medicine. 


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