Is It Easier To Catch Fish at Night Than the Day?

Is It Easier To Catch Fish at Night Than the Day?

Are you having a string (or line) of bad luck in fishing? You might do well to change what time you’re going to the fishing hole!

Is it easier to catch a fish at night than during the day? In our guide to night fishing and its many advantages, we answer that question and much more!

Advantages of Night Fishing

If you ask anglers, most will tell you it’s easier to catch fish at night, early morning, or late evening than in the middle of the day. Of course, many factors can influence how fruitful a fishing spot is, but in general, there are some key advantages that fishing in the dark delivers.

More Active Fish

The primary reason that most anglers say night fishing is more rewarding is that it typically means more active and bigger fish. Again, numerous factors determine how active fish are in a body of water—weather conditions, depth of water, seasons, fish species—but more often than not, the fish come out when the sun goes down.

Fish like the nighttime because there’s usually less surface activity, which makes it easier for them to see their prey and an angler’s bait. The night also means cooler water, which is very appealing for fish, especially in summer. On hot days, bigger fish will typically stay well below the surface for colder water and come to the surface to eat at night—the ideal time for anglers to present their bait.

Less Crowded

Fishing isn’t just about catching fish—for many, it’s also about connecting with nature and enjoying a peaceful time outdoors. In the summer at popular fishing spots, that can be hard to do with the hordes of other anglers bumping elbows and tangling lines.

If you want to fish with less competition, consider getting up early or staying later for some night fishing after the crowds dissipate. Fewer crowds mean a more comfortable fishing environment and less competition from other anglers for the trophy fish—a win-win!

Cooler Temperatures

There are few better ways to spend a day than fishing outside on a beautiful summer afternoon. However, fishing in the middle of the summer and battling intense heat and 14+ hours of sunlight can be grueling for many anglers.

Pro Tip: Get to your nighttime fishing spot before the sun goes down, as navigating outdoors with decreased visibility is dangerous.

For anyone looking to take a break from the sweltering heat and punishing sun, the night provides much cooler and more pleasant weather conditions. If you’re fishing with children or senior anglers, this is also safer and eliminates the dangers of sunburn and heatstroke.

Experience Another Side of Nature

Some anglers will spend their entire lives only fishing during the day at dusk and dawn—but they’re missing out on another side of nature! Most of us love saltwater or freshwater fishing because it brings us closer to nature and the great outdoors, but you can’t say you’ve experienced all nature has to offer if you’re only fishing when the sun is up!

When the sun goes down and the moon makes its appearance, another side of nature comes out with new and interesting creatures, sounds, and scents. For any outdoor lovers, fishing at night is something they must experience at least once!