Industries That Require Shredding for Security

Industries That Require Shredding for Security

While all businesses should get in the habit of shredding old documents that house personal information, there are some industries that regularly utilize shredders the most. Keep reading to discover the various industries that require shredding for security measures.

School Systems

School systems handle paperwork for hundreds of students each year as they continuously cycle through new students every term. All students must have files on record, which contain their personal information such as date of birth, contact information, and even social security numbers. Due to laws concerning educational rights and privacy, the school system must dispose of this information in a safe and secure way, which usually involves shredding for optimal security.

Government Facilities

Any branch of the US government handles sensitive documents that require shredding. Whether large or small, federal or local, government institutions transfer and receive a large amount of paperwork and digital information daily. Often, these documents contain sensitive information regarding laws and regulations. Even something as simple as a signature can be a powerful tool in the wrong hands. Government facilities are also some of the most structured when it comes to information disposal. These institutions require high-security shredders for proper information security.

Banking Institutions

Banking institutions are another example of an industry that utilizes high-level shredders. Banks handle some of the most sensitive information to the everyday person, including social security numbers, credit card information, investments, and more. While banks are required to keep this information on file, after certain periods of time, old accounts might be terminated or expire. In this case, banks will use high-security shredders to thoroughly destroy these sensitive documents.

Medical Fields

Medical facilities also contain sensitive information regarding patients and employees. Many medical facilities also use ID cards for access to various rooms and departments. The only way to ensure that old documents and cards like these don’t fall into the wrong hands is to destroy them with a high-security shredder. Simply chopping up an old ID card with a pair of scissors won’t always do the trick. For this reason, shredding is very important in medical facilities.

Shredding is the ideal method for destroying your business or organization’s sensitive documents and other materials. Even if you’re not a part of these industries that require shredding for security, shredding is still a great habit to get into to protect your company’s information.