How You Should Build Your Budget for a Wedding

How You Should Build Your Budget for a Wedding

A wedding budget is very important for the success of your wedding, as staying within the budget means you’re preparing for the future while celebrating your special days. However, planning a wedding budget isn’t easy, so here’s a guide to help you build your funds.

Wedding Staff

Between the photographer, the entertainment, and the people who will help set up and tear down your wedding, you’ll need a lot of hands. Most people suggest putting 15 percent of the budget aside for the photographer and 10 percent for the entertainment. That way, you have plenty saved to pay the two groups.

Venue and Food

You’ll need a good place to hold your wedding, and your budget should reflect that. There are many amazing venues out there, from fancy buildings to gorgeous outdoor locations, but you should learn some tent sizing tips for an outdoor wedding. Limit yourself to using less than half of your budget on this location, along with the food you want to serve at the event.

Wedding Clothes

Weddings are some of the fanciest events you’ll attend in your life, so setting aside the right amount of money to pay for these clothes is vital. Suits and dresses can cost a lot of money, and you want to make sure you have enough by budgeting beforehand. You should devote at least five percent of your budget to finding the best clothes for the ceremony.

Wedding Decorations

The decorations at your wedding can be very important to set the mood. No matter what you want your venue to look like, it’ll take money and time to set up. Try to devote 20 percent of your budget to your wedding decorations, with half going to flowers.

Transportation and Other Expected Costs

The remaining 20 percent of your budget should be split amongst the remainders, like transportation, the cake, stationery, and others, with about three percent going to each. This is how you plan the rest of your wedding budget.

While you can organize a wedding without using this guide and still make it great, these tips should help give you a sense of what to prioritize in your wedding. Every wedding is different, so make sure you’re getting what you want, and know that these guidelines can help you get there easily.