How To Make Your Internet Faster Without Upgrading

How To Make Your Internet Faster Without Upgrading

There’s nothing quite like the frustration of dealing with slow internet. Of all the luxuries we have in this world, the lack of fast browsing speeds is still frustrating for so many people. If calling your ISP and getting on a more expansive plan isn’t an option, you should find out how to make your internet faster without upgrading.

Reset or Move the Router

One of the first things an IT support professional will say is, “Have you tried turning it off and back on?” Most of the time, this fixes most issues. You could also move the router into a different room where it’s more central in the home. Placing it where your main workspace is might also solve your problem. It doesn’t make sense to keep a router in a spare room when you desperately need your internet to be faster in your living room.

Get a New Router

Eventually, your router will need replacing. There are many models out there that range in features and prices. The larger your living space is, the bigger your signal field will need to be. Check your current model’s capacity to see if it covers your entire home. Many two-story houses will need an extender to give the signal a farther reach across all the rooms.

Don’t Have Too Many Tabs Open

We all have that friend who has a zillion tabs open on their browser—or maybe that’s you. You should avoid doing this, though. Instead, save things you’ll need later and close what you don’t need at the moment. You can install plugins to clump a bunch of tabs together so that you can read them all at some other time. Having all these open doesn’t directly impact the internet speed, but it will slow down the speed at which your browser or laptop can process information.

Use an Ethernet Cord

Using an ethernet cord can make an immense difference when you’re figuring out how to make your internet faster without upgrading. It can make a night-and-day impact that transforms laggy or rubberbanding videos into smooth displays. The cord might be bulky to deal with or force you to change your current wire management setup, but your internet connection will become more reliable. There are also easy fixes for ethernet issues. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to rely on an ethernet cord instead of wifi.

Although none of these change the speed of your service plan, they can all help make your internet faster.