How To Handle Delays When Waiting for a Settlement Check

How To Handle Delays When Waiting for a Settlement Check

If you were the victim of an accident, whether it was on the road or at work, you’ve likely acquired lump sums of medical, living, and legal expenses. With all these bills piling up, it’s essential you get your settlement check ASAP so you can avoid falling into debt. Some cases get bogged down by paperwork processes and other legal factors, making it difficult for you to access the money you’re owed. Fortunately, there are ways to cover your living expenses while waiting for a settlement to prevent you from going into a financial crisis, but those don’t replace your settlement payments. Learn how to handle delays when waiting for a settlement check so you can get your rightful compensation.

If You Settled Your Own Claim

Once you’ve sent your confirmation letter accepting your personal injury claim offer, a claims adjuster will let you know when you’ll receive the necessary paperwork and your check. It’s best practice to wait to follow-up until after the initial time frame that the adjuster tells you. If they’ve told you it would be a week, wait at least a week before calling.

When making your call to the claims adjuster, note the date and time you call and what they tell you. These notes can serve as a reference if you must call again. You should also take note of every time you call.

Should you have a hard time communicating with the adjuster, ask to speak to their supervisor. Supervisors can let you know why your check has experienced a delay and when you’ll likely receive it. If the delay exceeds a month, it may be time to consult with a personal injury attorney. Let the adjuster know you’re pursuing an attorney if your check is not received within a week.

If You Have an Attorney Representing You

If an attorney represents you and you’re looking for how to handle delays when waiting for a settlement check, contact them asking for the status on your check. Attorneys receive the settlement check from the insurance company and are responsible for making sure outstanding liens are paid.

The attorney deducts attorney costs, medical liens, and any other liens from the settlement check before relaying it to their client. These expenses take time to process and can cause a delay in you receiving your check. When you finally do receive it, you’ll get a detailed list of the deductions as well.