How to find the best Delta-8 THC products?

So popular are Delta-8 THC and CBD products, that even the well-known publisher LA Weekly defines them as “A legal and mild drug” since they can be moulded to all your needs in a safe way, as their consumption is legal in many states of North America.

For example, if you choose Delta-8 it is because you are looking for a pleasant recreational state while the CBD dosage can help you for a medicinal purpose such as relieving pain, whether toothache or general pain, even reducing the number of seizures of certain patients suffering from some pathologies.

How to take Delta-8 THC?

You have several alternatives to ingest Delta-8, since this type of drug is produced by many companies offering you multiple consumption options, including oils, edibles such as gummies and even ointments, balms and vapour cartridges, thus, we present you the offers that some brands bring for you.

While you can find great products in authorized stores and Cannabis clubs for tourists, brands are already out there ensuring the high-quality and legal aptitudes of the product. For this reason, we made a list of the best labs and brands out there at the moment. 


Despite being new within the market, its quality has impacted all customers, perhaps due to the supercritical CO2 extraction method the company uses, this is the gold standard method used for the creation of CBD.

In addition, the company provides something very important such as the specific certificate of analysis by batch (COA), whose label has the potency level of the product and the analysis of heavy materials such as metals and mycotoxins, in turn, this provides greater reliability in the purchase of each customer.

You can find Area52 products with Delta-8 THC, such as tinctures, vapour cartridges, gummies and more, giving you several options to choose from. Something to note is that the price of each item is high, however, experts claim that it is 100% worth it.

Finest Labs

If you’re still getting to know and adjusting to Delta-8 THC, Finest Labs’ products are ideal for you, as they are lighter than usual because the THC concentrations are a bit lower, they offer more affordable prices, and their gummies are a rage with publishers like Daily CBD.

The trick is to determine the right dosage for a better experience, for this, you need to start with the lowest amount and increase your portion according to what you are looking to achieve, also, you will be making sure what kind of negative side effects you can get depending on your body. 

Side effects do not usually occur regularly, however, there are some, the most common being excessive euphoria that expands when using stronger amounts than the recommended dose.


This company, which has a little more time in the market than the others mentioned above, is also known for having good quality and offers to the public different items such as tinctures, gummies, vapour cartridges and distillates. 

You can also opt for flowers and moon rocks, which are not real Delta-8 THC flowers, but the company sprays each CBD bud with a distillate made from Delta-8 THC, meaning you are not really buying a real Delta-8 THC flower.

What should you do when looking for Delta-8 THC products?

Of course, the companies mentioned above are not the only ones that sell this type of products, in fact, this market is very wide and you can find more variety of items, quality and price, for this, it is necessary to know what you want to buy, in addition, to be clear about the following factors;

  • The third-party test

This test is considered necessary since there is impartiality within the laboratories independent of their manufacturers, for this, before buying any product, you should look for the certificate of analysis (COA) label since the company will not issue a certificate if there is something wrong within the potency or if the chemicals used in the product have not been eliminated.

  • The extraction method

The best products are those that are extracted directly from the hemp plant or mature marijuana, although there are also many ways to extract THC and CBD, as the most common method where Delta-8 THC is synthesized from CBD, is more prevalent in those states where its production and sale is still illegal.

It is important that before you make a purchase or order, you make sure that within your local law you can supply yourself with the substance, otherwise, you could be in legal trouble, which is not appropriate or fair for anyone wishing to try the benefits of Delta-8 THC.

  • Read customer reviews on the internet

One of the advantages that the internet has, is that you can search thousands of opinions and reviews from other customers about different companies within the country, accumulating a certain amount of references will help you find the ideal brand so that your purchase meets your expectations and is of quality.

All this will focus on what are your visions with the product, since even the most recognized company has negative comments, compare these results and inform yourself very well before proceeding to make your investment.

The best way to look for such reviews is in forums and groups within social networks, where the customers themselves will be the first participants and critics, showing honest opinions based on their own experiences with the products purchased.

To Sum Up

Choosing your ideal product made of Delta-8 THC will depend on you and the factors you are looking for, that is why you should always inform yourself about the brand and the product you are going to buy, the best option to do this and in a completely free way, is through the internet.

The best recommendation is that, if you do not get enough information from a company or seller, start your search with another one that has more positive opinions from their customers, so you will be more confident with your decision.