How Do I Get Rid of The Annoying Vaping Smell?

Vaping can cause an annoying smell that may linger for a long time. While they don’t smell as bad, you will still leave evidence of vaping that can bother some people. For example, the smoke from vaping weed produces molecules that adhere to the fabrics. Trace particles of the flavors contained in the vapor cause this smell.

Most e-liquids contain aromatic food flavorings that can leave a smell on clothes. If you vape in poorly ventilated rooms, the odor can irritate and disappoint. Fortunately, you can remove most vape smells by airing our rooms and vacuuming. It will prevent the smell from building up indoors. If the vacuuming doesn’t remove them, these tips can help you get rid of the annoying scent.

Use vaporless e-liquid

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The best way to avoid vaping smell is to choose the right vape juice. Choose a vaporless e-liquid that doesn’t generate much smell when vaping. Some vaporless liquids help people vape in secret with little vapor. They contain less VG and high PG, meaning most of the vapor is condensed in the mouth and lungs.

Carrier liquids with a VG base prolong smells because they take time to evaporate from surfaces. These vape juices have thick molecules that will settle on the fabrics and linger for long periods. While vapers prefer them because of thicker clouds, they are not the best when vaping in secret.

Therefore, settle on the vapor-free liquids with a PG base that will evaporate. You can buy nic salt by, including vapor-free juices with more PG. These juices are suitable for vaping around people as the smell dissipates faster from the air.

When selecting a vapor-liquid, choose one with the right nicotine strength. For example, you can find unflavored nicotine shots without a lingering vape smell. You can also make your odorless liquid at home by mixing them from scratch. These odorless liquids don’t have a strong taste, so you will have to sacrifice that.

Choose vape juice with a mild flavor.

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If you can’t get vaporless e-liquid, use one with a mild flavor. The lighter and more upbeat flavors are safer to use indoors than the sharp ones. If you vape intense flavors with closed windows, you will leave more odors challenging to remove. Some vape juices can produce a nice smelling flavor that won’t annoy anyone in the house.

Tobacco-flavored e-juices and those with dessert flavors are likely to produce a powerful smell. In contrast, minty vape juices will not leave a strong odor in the house. Therefore, use nicer-smelling flavors such as menthol, citrus fruits, and floral. Try to switch from apple flavor to neutral or mint one and gauge a difference in smell.

Avoid cheap and pungent vape flavors to keep the indoor spaces smelling fresh. Some vape juice flavors will stick to the furniture and hang around for a long time. Ditch such flavors unless vaping in the outdoors. For example, don’t vape strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, artificial tobacco, or coconut flavors in enclosed spaces as they leave nasty sniffs.

Use low-temperature setting

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Vaping at high temperatures creates enormous clouds that leave a strong smell. When you use higher heat to vape, it creates gigantic clouds that settle on the fabrics for a long time. People love these high clouds because of an excellent vaping experience, but they leave an annoying smell.

You can minimize the amount of heat by vaping at low temperatures. Set temperature settings for the coil to fire at a lower temperature. You can also adjust how long and how often you vape. Apart from protecting the coil, this temperature control will help produce smaller clouds and smells that won’t linger for long.

There are some vaporizers designed with temperature control to allow you to vape for longer. These devices are less powerful and give out less vapor than the sub-ohms. They will not leave any unwanted smells in the room or car. Since the clouds are smaller, you won’t have to worry about harsh hits or pungent odors.

Also, chain-smoking can cause the vape smell to linger for a long time. Vaping too frequently can cause the odor to stay in a room for a long time. Ensure you take long breaks between drags to allow for some cooling. Aromas can linger more if you vape heavily for prolonged periods in poorly ventilated rooms.

Use air freshener

After vaping, using an air freshener can get rid of the annoying smell. The freshener can mask vape smells rather than getting rid of them. Use plug-in air fresheners to beat the vaping smell and remove some of the stale odors. They may contain pleasant aromas such as citrus that ensure the scent doesn’t linger on fabrics. Also, keep a strong air freshener in the room or vehicle to remove any vaping odors.

High-quality air freshers can remove some odors before they can linger on the clothes or carpet. However, only spray the air fresher after you finish vaping. If you spray while vaping, you can create an unfamiliar scent that won’t go away. For example, use an air freshener after a vaping session to fill the room with your favorite fragrance. It will reduce the vapor effect in the room and allow other people to live.

Invest in high-quality purifiers

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There are air purifiers designed to get rid of vape smells from the house. They work by filtering the smell and removing any unpleasant odor before they can land on the carpets. Purchase high-quality products designed as anti-vaping to deal with the aroma.

Most air purifiers designed to remove cigarette odors can get rid of the vape smell as well. They neutralize the scent in the best possible way. For example, they filter even the micro-sized particulates from the fabrics for a clean atmosphere. They can also absorb the microelements bearing the vaping smell from your room.

Compared to air fresheners, you can run a purifier while you vape and then after vaping. For example, HVAC air filters remove odor-inducing molecules from the atmosphere. Also, consider vaping in well-ventilated rooms to reduce the smells in your home. Open a window whenever vaping to stop the smell from settling on the fabrics.

The Bottom Line

While vaping is fun and clean, you can carry around a smell that lingers for some time. Even with good ventilation, the odor can build up over time if you vape in the same place. Also, some flavors give unpleasant smells that can make the surroundings unbearable. These tips can help you keep the odor away after vaping. It’s also necessary to vape in well-ventilated areas to avoid leaving the smell in your house.