Gifts for the Husband Who Loves the Steelers More Than You

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Christmas is the time of year where you can express your love for your husband by getting him what he really wants.

Time alone.

But since you refuse to grant him that for even ONE DAMN MINUTE here are some Pittsburgh Steelers gifts for him that he might like to show off his team pride and team spirit.

Steelers Gifts for Him

Steelers NFL Custom Jersey

Najee Harris Steelers Jersey

The perfect gift? Get your husband’s name put on the back of a Steeler jersey. This way you can easily spot him out in the crowd at the game on Sunday where every other sports fan has a Steeler jersey on. Or church on Sunday where everyone has a Big Ben, T.J. Watt, or Najee Harris jersey on.

Steelers Bean Bag Chair

There is something special about seeing your probably overweight husband sitting on a piece of furniture that mostly resembles himself. Where does the chair end and your lard ass husband begin? Can’t be sure.

Steelers Desk Calendar

Here’s another fantastic gift. If your husband is totally devoid of all things electronic, like a cell phone, computer or watch, then this is perfect! Also, you can mark important dates for him so he doesn’t forget, like your kid’s birthday or the anniversary of the immaculate reception.  

Steelers Golf Bag

Nothing says Pittsburgh Steelers football like golf.  

Steelers Earring

Does your husband have his ear pierced? Try to man him up by giving him this Steeler earring and then stabbing him with it in the chest because HE HAS HIS EAR PIERCED.  

Steeler Christmas Ornament

Christmas is a time to give thanks for the Steelers and the joy they bring to Steeler nation and the torment they bring to Cleveland.

Roethlisberger Red QB Practice Jersey

This gift will allow your husband to be unique! Why wear black and gold like all of the other cliché Steeler fans when you can wear red?! Sure it greatly increases the chances of getting beer thrown on him when he is at Heinz field, especially when the Steelers are playing the Redskins or Texans, but hey FREE BEER!  

Steelers Spa Set with Gift Bag

What’s that? Your husband loves the Steelers and pampering himself? Now he can exfoliate like a true Steeler fan who also MAYBE married you to prove once and for all to his father that he isn’t gay. How can he be gay if he is using Steeler Natural Brown Sugar Scrub, and an 8-oz bottle of Steeler Goat’s Milk and Steeler Honey Lotion? Steelers are so the opposite of gay! All of your friends are wrong about him and this will prove it (to yourself).


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