When Vinnie Richichi first came to Pittsburgh as a radio host on 93.7 The Fan prior to the 2010 Pirates season he said that the Pirates would finish above .500. Ron Cook, his co-host, rightfully ridiculed him for saying something so idiotic. Richichi didn’t back down, however, and the Pirates proceeded to lose 105 games that season.

Vinnie Richichi is a fucking moron.

Last year Richichi wouldn’t shut the fuck up about the Pirates’ unexpected good start and even though they ended up losing 90 games for their 19th consecutive losing season—you would think they had made the playoffs based on Richichi’s overreaction. Today his optimism reached an unbearable peak as he celebrated the contract that Andrew McCutchen signed. (Even though the contract is significantly backloaded and some other team will be footing the bill in the latter years.) Ron Cook was not on the show today to keep Richichi grounded so the slob knobbing over the Pirates was hitting disgustingly unprecedented levels. THEY’RE A CONTENDER NOW! Richichi’s multiple airgasms should draw a fine from the FCC.

But then Sidney Crosby came to the rescue.

His announcement that he would be returning possibly as early as Sunday trumped the McCutchen contract and FUCKING RUINED RICHICHI’S DAY. I couldn’t be more excited for Crosby’s return. If the Penguins can stay relatively healthy this will likely be their best team since the 1991-92 season and they have a great shot at the Cup. I was ecstatic to hear the news. The fact that it ruined Richichi’s Pirates Lovefest was an added bonus. He was noticeably disappointed as he had to abandon the baseball talk and focus on Crosby for the rest of his show. I hope the Pirates lose 100 and he hangs himself. Go Pens!

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1 thought on “FUCK THE PIRATES”

  1. Vinnie Richichi is one of the worst sports talk show hosts I have EVER heard. He can’t go more than 3 seconds without saying “Ummm, ahh, you know, or as well.”

    Sounds like a dying pig when he laughs.

    Like you said, he spouts the dumbest crap.

    Yet someone at CBS thinks he’s awesome and paid him a bunch of money to come to Pittsburgh. You’d think they’d fix this terrible error after the original two-year contract ran out, but Vinnie is still on the air.


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