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As the Steelers play their first preseason game tomorrow night in Philly, Shannon Eastin will be in San Diego working as a replacement line judge when the Chargers host the Packers. She will be the first female official in league history. Goodell also suggests that she may be the first of many.

There could be many reasons for this move. With regular officials on strike, she just may be the next suitable replacement in line. (There are active female officials among the college ranks). Or Goodell could be trying to make a statement about women equality. Hiring a female official could be his way of showing that women can do anything men can do. (I was already convinced when I saw this sexy beast.) The real reason, though, is that Goodell is making this move in an effort to sell his sport to the female demographic. (Not a problem in Pittsburgh, though, where the girls already dig football.) This game is on ESPN. Is it just a coincidence that the first game with a female referee will be nationally televised? There are five other games going on simultaneously that she could have worked. Goodell is a crafty one, I’ll give him that. He’s still a freckled prick, though.

It would be sexist for me to suggest that female referees wear slutty outfits. So I won’t.

But is it sexist for me to show concern for Eastin’s safety? I’ve seen many referees endure violent collisions during games (always hilarious). I don’t think it would be funny at all, though, if a Eastin is collided with. Call me old fashioned (I still have a blackberry) but I think there is a greater potential for her to get hurt because she doesn’t have a penis is so much smaller than guys like Casey Hampton. Watching a pudgy, bespectacled, male official get steam-rolled during a game is always a thrill. Fuck Goodell for taking some of that away from us. And for Spygate.

I guess this post is sexist anyway because it shouldn’t be a big deal that a woman is reffing a game. I never should have mentioned it. Plus I said ‘boobs’.

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