Does low Testosterone Affect Erectile Dysfunction

Does low Testosterone Affect Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone for erectile dysfunction

It is an androgen hormone which is being naturally produced in males and also females. Being produced in testicles is the primary sex hormone in males. Its production is being regulated by the hypothalamus and also pituitary glands. This primary hormone is responsible for the development of the sexual organs in males. Although this hormone is not only the fuel, which is the primary driver of the sexual performance in men, it reduces the ability of a man to have satisfying of the sex. After the attainment of the age of 50 years in men, the level of testosterone usually goes down and impairs the sexual functioning.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The causes of Erectile Dysfunction is varied. Although there is no denying the fact that even low concentration of ED can be a cause of the decline in sexual desire, which in turn may lead to the trouble in men forgetting and also maintaining erections. There are many of the causes of this particular ailment, and it is not always the reduction in testosterone, which is the reason. For example, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and faulty lifestyle are few of the causes of impotence which are fully independent of the testosterone and have nothing to do with this hormone level in the body. 

Symptoms and relation of ED to testosterone

Since there are varied causes of ED, it is a bit difficult to find out whether it is just a symptom of the low level of testosterone or some other reason. Few of the symptoms that demonstrate that low testosterone might be the reason for this syndrome include low sexual drive, stress, anxiety, irritation, depression, or difficulty to concentrate. While trying to indulge in sexual activity when suffering from ED may cause various types of physical as well as emotional challenges. Many of the experts agreed that this type of the sexual dysfunction might be related to a low level of testosterone and can also be remedied with the right combination of lifestyle alternation as well as the prescribed medications.

Testosterone Treatment 

Testosterone replacement therapy is being clinically approved for men who are suffering from hypogonadism. In the year 2016, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that this particular therapy imparts sexual benefits to men who are belonging to the older age group. The study was conducted on 790 men who were over the age of 65 years, and their level of the hormone had fallen below due to the aging process. The men were asked to either take the best testosterone vitamins or placebo for around a year. The men who took this primary male sex hormone show quite a significant improvement in the sexual activity in comparison to the men who were on the placebo.

This is the first line of treatment for impotence. The four main medications which are generally successful for the treatment ED in men include:

The testosterone replacement therapy is available in varied of the forms. It leads to an improvement in the level of testosterone in men.

Skin patch (transdermal) 

The endoderm is the skin patch which is being worn either on the arm or upper part of the body, and it is being applied just once in a day.


The names of gels are Androgel and Testim which are available in the packets of the clear testosterone gel which is being absorbed directly through the skin. It is being applied once in a day. There are other medications in the form of gel-like AndroGel, Axiron and also Fortesta which comes in the pump and delivers the most appropriate of the hormone level in the body which is being prescribed by the doctor. Natesto is a gel which is being applied through the nose.

Mouth patch

The tablet called the striant sticks to the upper gum part present just above the incisor and tooth, which is just present at the right or left of front teeth. This is being applied two times in a day, and it releases the testosterone hormone into the bloodstream through the specialized oral tissue.

Intramuscular Injections

These are various types of injections which are administered every two or three times a week.

Who should avoid taking this therapy?

This is a specialized procedure which might cause the prostate to grow. If a man is being diagnosed with prostate cancer at an early stage, then intake of this particular hormone may lead to the stimulation of growth of cancer. Thus, men who are suffering from cancer are advised not to go for this therapy.

You are wondering whether particular testosterone therapy is most appropriate for you or not?

Are you wondering whether particular testosterone therapy is most appropriate for you or not? Then communicate with your doctor and know about the benefits and risks which are associated with it. The doctor will first ascertain the hormone level in the body at least two times before determining whether this particular therapy is right for you or not. The medical condition which leads to an unusual reduction in the hormone may be one of the reasons for supplementing the body with it. The doctor may also suggest some of the natural tactics for boosting the level of this particular hormone, such as weight management and enhancing muscle mass through rigorous resistance training.

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