Do You Know The Best And Reliable SEO Tools For Your Site? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Popular SEO Tools for Your Website
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By Laura Butler

Creating engaging content for a website or a blog article is not an easy task. A good piece of informative yet engaging content takes a lot of research and creativity. But how can you check the SEO friendliness of your content? We recommend these 6 SEO content tools to do just that.

Due to the increasing competition within the digital marketing industry, marketers are constantly looking for ways to generate innovative content to gain the attention of the viewers. However, apart from creating engaging content, digital marketers also need to make sure that their content meets all the technical requirements to reach the right type of audience. 

As search engine optimisation (SEO) plays a great role in defining the fate of content, it becomes important for marketers to create an SEO friendly content. Therefore, potentially making its way to the top of different search engine page results. 

An SEO friendly piece of content is the kind of content which is specifically created to rank a website higher on SERPs. Making content SEO friendly is a lot more than stuffing it with keywords. Marketers need to ensure that the content consists of appropriate structure and words. These make it easy for the search engines as well as the audience to find and understand and connect with the brand behind it. 

If you feel creating SEO friendly content can be a tedious task, then here are some of the widely used tools which can help you in checking the SEO friendliness of your content:

1. SE Ranking

Using of the right keywords is important for the long-term SEO success of any digital content. To understand how SEO friendly your content is, marketers need to analyse its performance based on the keywords used. 

SE ranking is one of the best tools to check the page ranking of a content based on specific keywords. It allows marketers to see which keywords are benefiting the website page and improving its volume, traffic and visibility. Additionally, it helps marketers monitor the different Google search engine result page’s (SERP) features and spot any technical errors in the SEO of their webpage.

2. HubSpot’s Website Grader

Hubspot’s Website Grader is a comprehensive tool which consists of various apps to improve the SEO-friendliness of a website and its content. The tool takes into consideration the different factors of the website’s content including the page titles and the Meta description. In order to determine if the website is easy to find by humans and bots. 

It also consists of a HubSpot Blogging App which helps users with find-as-you-type SEO suggestions and acts as a checklist for bloggers and content creators of different skill levels. The tool helps digital marketers to research keywords for SEO, get SEO insights, monitor the page performance, track organic traffic and detect pages that are not completely optimised. 

3. Grammarly

To make content SEO friendly, it is important to make it highly readable. You can make your content highly readable by making it free from any grammar mistakes and using an easy and well-flowing language. 

Grammarly is a popular tool used by content creators all over the world to proofread and edit their content. This tool helps users to check any syntax, spelling or punctuation errors and offers suggestions to make a complex sentence easily readable. 

It also suggests synonyms for overused words. Grammarly comes with a plagiarism checker which crosschecks a text against other web pages and highlights the parts of the text which need to be changed to avoid any duplicate content. 

4. Serpstat

Another all-inclusive SEO platform, Serpstat consists of various modules to help a webpage rank higher. Serpstat comes with a great keyword research tool that makes it easier to find keywords and make content more efficient. It also helps users in expanding a keyword list by proposing related keywords and suggestions. 

This tool comes with an on-site audit feature which can be used to perform instant analysis of webpages and check out its multiple ranking factors. By using Serpstat to check the SEO friendliness of your content you can also identify the presence of any duplicate content, verify links, get correct interlinking verification and create or correct the sitemap.

5. Keyword Density Checker

Stuffing content with keywords was once considered an SEO best practice. However, today using too many or too less keywords in content can lead to a failed SEO strategy. 

Keyword density checker is an efficient tool which ensures that marketers use the right number of keywords in any content. It helps them maintain a balance of different keywords and enhances the optimisation of the webpage. Apart from telling the total number of keywords used in a text, its frequency and percentage of usage, this highly reliable tool also suggests users the top keywords used and indicates whether the keywords consist of a title or a description. 

6. Yoast 

One of the best WordPress plugins, Yoast can efficiently handle on-page and technical optimisation of a site while refining content to make it SEO friendly. With Yoast SEO plugins, users can optimise a site with appropriate keywords targeting directly to the potential audience.

It also saves digital marketers from adding any dead links to their website. Moreover, it helps in improving the quality of content by providing highly reliable link suggestions. 

7. SEO Writing Assistant

A free WordPress plugin, SEO writing assistant is a Google Doc extension by SEMrush. This tool helps digital marketers in writing SEO friendly content. It optimises the content for the target keywords and offers recommendations based on your top competitors for a given content. 

From warning users about broken links in a text to ensuring a text is well-structured for a target keyword, this tool will make your SEO content writing job much simpler. Additionally, this tool analyses the SEO content for complex sentences and offers suggestions to make the text more readable. 

Once you select the preferred tone for your content, the SEO writing assistant tool will ensure that your entire content is in-line with your brand’s voice. It offers different voice goal options such as casual, neutral and formal which once selected can help you see the highly casual and formal sentences within your content

Install and Improve Your Content’s SEO Friendliness 

These various tools have much to offer both professional and newbie SEO marketers. Some, such as the SEO writing assistant tool, combine multiple SEO checks found in other tools. Alternatively, you can instal multiple tools for an in-depth SEO friendliness check. For example, using Grammarly to check your writing, Serpstat for keyword research and Yoast to check keyword density and links. 

There are many out there and should definitely be used to improve content for SEO.

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Laura Butler is co-owner at Outreach Lab, who specialise in providing content writing and SEO services to businesses around the world. Having worked in multiple start-ups over the years, she has experience in building businesses from the ground up. Laura enjoys writing content on a variety of topics, from business strategy, to marketing, SEO and sustainability.