Different Ways To Create a Sustainable Playground

Different Ways To Create a Sustainable Playground

Sustainability is a necessary component of every park build; without it, we might be causing more pollution than we think. Being more environmentally conscious in playscape planning and reusing materials for other park amenities could help children learn and understand the importance of taking care of the environment. Here is a list of different ways to create a sustainable playground.

Use Compost and Mulch for the Plants

The best fertilizer doesn’t come from manufactured products corrupted with toxic chemicals; it comes directly from the planet. Instead of relying on ammonia-laced fertilizer, use compost and mulch. They bring new life to native plants, extend life, and are natural.

Introduce Recycling Bins

You can do anything to bring more sustainability to your park. One way to control waste and litter is by placing recycling bins near every garbage can. A recycling bin should have separate compartments for bottles and cans, plastic, and paper. Putting these bins around the park and play areas helps park-goers keep the space clean and create a more environmentally friendly community.

Build Play Equipment With Recycled Materials

The best play equipment comes from recycled plastic. It is used in various forms to create sustainable playgrounds. The plastic is broken down into pieces to be remolded to make paneling, slides, and other playsets in manufacturing. Recycled plastic in playground equipment limits how much plastic ends up in landfills, preventing them from overflowing with plastic.

Invite More Nature To Your Playground

Your community may have natural landscapes or lack surrounding nature. There are solutions to these situations. If your park has waterbodies, prairies, and woods, use the area to your advantage by planting new native plants, installing identification plaques, and creating walking paths.

If your park doesn’t have nature, consider designating particular areas for gardens, walking paths, and learning centers for families to visit. These features can create significant changes in the community and build more appreciation for the environment. Take these ideas to make an eco-friendly playground into consideration as you renovate.