What are the Differences Between UK and US Gambling Laws?

Gambling is fairly popular in both the UK and the US, but the two countries differ drastically in terms of casino laws and regulations. Although players in each of these two countries can play casino games more or less freely, the fact remains that national authorities approach the issue very differently.

So, what are the most important distinctions between these two gambling systems? We can pinpoint numerous features that set apart the UK and the US, but let’s begin with the analyses of both countries and then move on to the most notable differences.  

Casino Regulations in the US

The situation in the American gambling system is quite complicated. Even though the country is recognized by the largest gambling center in the world, Las Vegas, it doesn’t really cherish and foster casinos from a legal point of view. 

What seems to be the real deal with this system? The thing is that US gaming regulators actually forbid gambling as such. However, they also leave it up to the states to decide whether to legalize gambling or not. 

In such circumstances, casino regulations change from state to state and a gambler should learn the rules of a given country before actually paying it a visit. For instance, you can easily find all of the available offers and casino bonuses in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, but not in any other state. This is what makes the US legal system so strange in the eyes of an average gambler, Canadian players, or other foreigners. 

Besides that, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) makes it difficult for local banks and financial institutions to process casino-related payments, so it’s not that easy for players to place bets and withdraw a winning sum in the US. 

Casino Regulations in the UK

On the other side of the gambling spectrum, the UK laws are designed in a way that encourages casino businesses and promotes gambling in general. The market is highly competitive as it features thousands of sportsbooks, casino companies, online slots operators, and many other gambling-focused agencies. 

The Government formed a special Gambling Commission with all the power to regulate gambling on the island. Even though it centralizes the entire casino realm, the Gambling Commission is there only to set clear rules and establish a regulated gambling system. 

Everything a company has to do is to follow predetermined rules and launch an online casino with no additional hassle whatsoever. 

5 Major Differences Between the Two Systems

Now you know the peculiarities of both gambling structures, but it’s time to identify their major differences. Without further ado, let’s give them a look:

  • It is legal to run a casino in the UK: Unlike America, the UK allows just about anyone to launch a casino company. As long as you follow the rules, you can start a gambling business relatively simply. 
  • Online gambling is a big deal in the UK: Most States do not approve of online gambling, which is the exact opposite compared to the UK. Online casinos and slots are totally legal in Great Britain and they even attract players with free spins on the first deposit and similar promo activities.
  • Versatility: You might have guessed this one already, but we should emphasize the fact that the British gambling market is much more versatile than American. The reason is evident – flexible gambling laws suit casino operators and encourage new companies to launch their own firms.
  • One vs many regulators: We already mentioned that the UK has a single regulatory institution, aka the Gambling Commission. This governing body controls every aspect of gambling and sets rules for the entire country. Contrary to that, the US enables every state to regulate casino gambling separately.
  • Taxation: British gambling providers pay flat fees, while gamblers aren’t taxed (regardless of their earnings). The US is much stricter as it gives all states the right to tax casinos and players.

The Bottom Line

Casino gambling is a natural thing in the US and the UK, but the ways these countries regulate the gambling market are totally different. 

British authorities built a centralized system, but it is fairly liberal and flexible. On the other hand, the US doesn’t have any kind of federal regulations, but rather a decentralized structure in which every state can regulate gambling on its. 

Such systems lead to some major distinctions, so we pinpointed the five most notable differences between the UK and the US in terms of casino gambling. Which system do you believe is better for the average gambler?