Console Versus PC Gaming

Console gaming versus PC gaming has been a volcanic rivalry over the years. Both sides have die-hard fans that are willing to defend their side all day long. The gaming industry is a steadily growing one similar to any other entertainment industry. There are new specifications released for PC gaming almost every year. The consoles receive a refresh every 6 to 7 years or so. Both sides have incredible merit and there is a lot to discuss. 

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New buyers in the market may easily be confused regarding what to purchase. Whether to enter the console gaming world or opt for a personal computer. Most people in the industry are biased and will offer opinions rather than facts. Fortunately, below are several aspects to be considered before entering the market. Both sides have been analyzed and presented in a factual form rather than a biased one. 


Accessibility refers to the ease of use of the device. How easy is it to use the device as it is intended to be used? This is directly related to how complicated the menus are or what setting up the device means. 

How Accessible Is PC Gaming?

In terms of difficulty and ease of use, people that are not experienced may struggle here. While setting up the computer is fairly easy, finding and running video games may not be. The Windows Store is a great yet limited storefront for video games. In order, to download and play the latest and greatest, external storefronts need to be downloaded. This means creating an account on each of them and setting up payment credentials there too.

It may take a while until your personal computer is finally ready to be gamed on. Seasoned gamers may know what to do and accelerate the process. A series of unwanted options and steps need to be traveled through for the average consumer. 

The Ease Of Use Of Consoles

Console gaming is loved by many for its ease of use and access. The marketing term used for these machines is to simply plug them in and play. Setting up the device involves creating a single account to be used on the device. This will be used in all your video games and the dedicated storefront too. The only way to download games is through the storefront, which is detailed and massive. After that, starting the game via its large icon on the home screen is all that’s needed. 

When comparing accessibility and ease of use, the consoles certainly gain the upper hand here. Personal computers are often used for tasks other than gaming and as such need to be configured. 


The cost factor is not entirely dependant on the price of the device. How often sales go live and the market for used games matters too. This is one area where PC Gaming and Consoles both have their pros and cons. 

Is PC Gaming Expensive?

The world of PC gaming has been blessed with trending and significant sales all year long. This is due to the competition of the many storefronts available. Hosting an exclusive sale now and then to gain a competitive advantage is common. What this means for the consumer is more choice and cheaper video games.

Where PC Gaming can suffer is the initial value for money. Most personal computers are either built from the ground up or bought prebuilt. The price of every independent component is considered and valued. Generally, it is difficult to find any personal computer with the same performance as a console. At least, in the price range of the console. Companies often utilize Las Vegas Trade Show booth builders to showcase their new gaming components. The only downside is that these may initially be overpriced due to high demand and shortages. 

Cost Of Console Gaming

Consoles enter the market at a very reasonable price range. This is the reason for their huge sales margins and why they are available everywhere. The value to money in terms of the power of the machines is immense and attractive to consumers. There are simply no personal computers in that price range that can match the performance. This is true at least in the short run as it takes a while for personal computers to catch up in value. 

Where consoles make up for the cost is in the dedicated storefront they provide. There is only one storefront available in the market and as such can be treated as a monopoly. While the videogame developers are in charge of the product price, the console developer gets a cut too. Sales are still present all year long however are less frequent and valuable than their PC counterparts.


Whether you game on a PC or a console, it is important to do it in a workable space. Doing so in a limited space means having crowded wire management, bad posture, and awkward viewing angles. It is important to invest in the best possible setting for your physical care. This means purchasing an adjustable chair or spacious table from a reliable table manufacturer.

In the end, we recommend assessing what you seek and making a decision afterward. If what you seek are the most powerful hardware and competitive advantage, then go for PC Gaming. If you want a casual gaming session after a busy day then a console is the best for you.