What Are 9 of the Most Common Questions Men Have About Erectile Dysfunction?

Common Questions About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve and sustain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. It’s a serious problem for men and there seems to be no shortage of misinformation and misconceptions when it comes to dealing with this condition. Some men hesitate to seek medical advice because they may be embarrassed or ashamed.

We break down nine common questions. 

1. Can certain medications affect erectile dysfunction? 

Certain medications can make getting an erection difficult. In fact, it’s a common side effect of many prescription drugs including blood pressure medications and antidepressants. Always consult with your physician or pharmacist to see if the medication you are prescribed may be associated with ED. You may be able to have your dosage changed or another drug may be substituted. 

2. Does tight underwear lead to ED? 

This is a common myth and we can assure that briefs or boxers does not matter. While tight underwear could lead to a low sperm count, ED can be caused by a range of physical or psychological factors. 

3. Is smoking, alcohol or illegal drugs to blame? 

Smoking, alcohol use and illegal drugs may lead to erectile dysfunction no matter your age. Research has shown that smoking is one of the biggest causes of ED. The good news is that your condition can begin to improve after you quit smoking. 

4. Are older men the only ones who experience ED?

All men can experience ED at any age. ED is usually a symptom of other underlying conditions such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, and drinking too much alcohol. But it does affect different age groups in different ways. For example, a younger man’s problems may be stress-related or stem from a prescription drug; while an older man’s ED may be due to diabetes or hypertension. 

5. Will sex therapy help with my ED?

There are a range of ED treatments today that can help someone who is suffering from ED. In fact, sex therapy may be beneficial if your problems with erectile dysfunction stems from psychological issues. But it is best to discuss your optimal treatment options with a urologist first.

6. What is the best way to improve my erectile dysfunction? 

For some men, they could improve their issues with ED by making certain lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, exercising more, eating healthy foods, or quitting smoking. For other men, prescription drugs may vastly improve their condition. 

7. Will my condition cause problems with my sexual partner? 

If left untreated, erectile dysfunction can cause problems for both partners in a relationship. First, it affects your sex life, but it also can affect other aspects of your relationship. Denying that there is an issue or refusing to discuss it with your partner, can lead to anxiety or even depression. It’s important to communicate with your partner. While it may be an uncomfortable conversation, discuss your ED concerns with your partner and then seek medical advice from your physician. 

8. Will herbal supplements improve my erectile dysfunction?

Be careful with herbal supplements, aphrodisiacs, and other non-FDA approved drugs. You’re not sure what you’re using or how it may affect you, and often times these remedies are unlikely to work. If you are unsure, talk to your physician.

9. What are my chances of getting better?

ED is treatable. There’s a great chance that your erection can be restored and you can have sex again from one of the many wide range of treatments available today. If you have ED, talk with a physician today.

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