Characteristics You Should Look for in a Fishing Guide

Characteristics You Should Look for in a Fishing Guide

Fishing trips are all about relaxation and fun. However, the most vital aspect of any trip is catching several fish. You may have the confidence that you can accomplish this by yourself. However, you have a greater chance when you employ a fishing guide. These are the characteristics you should look for in a fishing guide when you want to have a venture you’ll never forget.

Knowledge of Waterways

One of the major benefits of having a fishing guide is that they know the local waterways inside and out. It’s particularly helpful when you visit a reservoir for the first time, but they are still useful when you are a seasoned veteran.

A guide will know the best plan for attack when the fish are most active, giving you ample opportunities to catch an abundance of fish. Additionally, they should be knowledgeable about the fish found in other regions. For example, if there is a trout haven a mere 30 minutes down the road, they can give you advice on how to enjoy that area.

Optimizes Your Gear

Even if you go down a checklist of everything you need for an extended fishing trip, you may not know the most efficient way to utilize them. A guide knows what gear you need to bring along. The advice is helpful because you only have room for so many things, and a guide can help you make the most economical decisions.

Furthermore, a guide can push you far and beyond the initial learning curve with valuable lessons and demonstrations. For instance, they can teach you how to tie your knots to ensure you bring in any fish you have on the hook. Learning from the best and experiencing it firsthand should etch those tips in your memory for your next excursion.

Thinks on Their Feet

Unfortunately, a guide can’t control the fish to chomp down on your hook, so there may be a day that’s quieter than expected. However, a slow day will not deter a quality fishing guide. Elite guides will demonstrate initiative and configure a backup plan.

That plan may consist of changing your lure or attempting a different location. In any event, the best guides can resolve any complications. 

Diligent & Hardworking

A skilled fishing guide does not want to assist you only to receive compensation. They’re always out on the water, honing their skills and scouting out the greatest fishing locales. You want someone with you who is passionate about fishing and works as hard as possible in and around the waters.

Fends Off Negativity

Lastly, you want a fishing guide who has a positive demeanor, especially when the bites are few and far between. If someone is overly negative, it can feel like a dark cloud is hanging over you all day, so you want someone who believes in the power of positivity. An exceptional guide can help lighten the mood with some comedic relief, swapping stories, and an overall cheery attitude.

These characteristics you should look for in a fishing guide guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time. You might think having a stranger accompanying you and your friends might be awkward, but it’s more than worth it having them lead the way.