Best Outdoor Social Sports To Play With Friends

Best Outdoor Social Sports To Play With Friends

Many people get together with their friends and stay inside to watch a movie or go out to dinner. These events, while always a good time, don’t let you take advantage of the beauty of summer. The weather is usually nice, and the days are long, providing some great opportunities to spend time outdoors. If you want to play some games that are great for hanging out and don’t require heavy athletics, here are some of the best outdoor social sports to play with friends.

Disc Golf

Many people view golf as a stuffy game for older, richer people, and the game doesn’t appeal to everyone. However, disc golf offers a similar structure with more fun. Disc golf involves trying to throw a flying disc into a basket using as few throws as possible. Plus, many disc golf courses offer the social elements of golf, like nine to 18 holes and the ability to chat while safely driving in a golf cart. If you have a disc golf course near you, consider playing a round or two with your buddies.


What was once a simple backyard barbeque game has grown into one of the best outdoor social sports to play with friends. The best part about cornhole is that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment or space, and almost anybody can play it. Cornhole is a game where teams take turns tossing fabric beanbags toward a slightly elevated board. Players can score points by having the bags fall into the holes or by landing in specific score zones. You can set up cornhole boards in less than five minutes, and everyone gets a chance to relax and enjoy the game.


Pickleball is a growing sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. You can play the game on a standard tennis court, but you play with a whiffle ball and large, easy-to-wield pickleball paddles. Functionally, the game is similar to tennis or ping pong, and you can play singles or doubles. However, pickleball is a much lower-stakes game that allows friends to socialize and joke around instead of focusing on the ball flying at high speeds.