Best Locations To Go Fly-Fishing Around Pittsburgh

Best Locations To Go Fly-Fishing Around Pittsburgh

The city of Pittsburgh is an epicenter for anglers. It’s known for its three rivers, but other spots near the city limits will put a smile on any fly-fisher’s face. These are the best locations to go fly-fishing around Pittsburgh.

Slippery Rock Creek

Pittsburgh residents can get to Slippery Rock Creek in a little over an hour to satisfy their fly-fishing needs. It’s renowned for its trout fishing, so make sure you pack the right line to reel them in all day long. Besides fishing, folks can also enjoy the creek’s beauty by kayaking and canoeing down the rapids. However, please proceed with caution, considering that Slippery Rock lives up to its moniker with its slick terrain.

Youghiogheny River

Known for its spectacular white water boating, the Youghiogheny River is also supreme for fly-fishing. There’s a nine-mile stretch filled with ample opportunities to catch fish, most notably trout. Additionally, you’ll have quick access to Ohiopyle State Park, which offers some breathtaking sights and sounds.

Oil Creek

It’ll take you an extra hour to get to this destination, but fishing at Oil Creek is well worth the long drive. If you’ve ever wanted to get a history lesson about the oil industry, Oil Creek will offer you an excellent experience. If you have your mind set on your angling wishes, you’ll be able to stop by several of the creek’s tributaries to occupy your time.

The most illustrious spot in Oil Creek is located in its state park. The majestic water is beautiful to look at and great for catching some fish.

Neshannock Creek

Hop on I-79 and head north to visit Neshannock Creek. The 20-mile stream is arguably the best spot for winter trout-fishing in Pennsylvania. Typically, fly-fishers have more success close to the northern tip of the creek, but you’ll still feel satisfied anywhere along the lengthy stream.

Slate Run

Although it’s a bit of a haul from the city limits, Slate Run in Tiadagthon State Forest is worth visiting. You can catch several trout species in this stream, making it a popular choice among anglers near and far. Plus, finding success her can be a challenge, so it’s a great way to master your game.

Grab that rod and tackle and head out to one of these best locations to go fly-fishing around Pittsburgh. Each site will provide you with different experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.