Bad Gifts Ideas You Shouldn’t Give to People

Bad Gifts Ideas You Shouldn’t Give to People

Everyone likes to get gifts from a friend or family member, but so many times, the gift turns out horribly. That’s because people don’t realize that a gift’s more than just something you give to a friend; it’s a statement on the relationship between the two people. Here are some bad gift ideas you shouldn’t give to people.


Money and gift cards might seem like good ideas if you don’t know what the person wants, but they send the wrong message. These gifts tell the person that you don’t know them or care for them enough to learn more about them. That’s why you shouldn’t give money if you want to give them a gift that they’ll remember.

Self-Improvement Items

Giving someone a self-help book or some kind of class that does the same is more of an insult than a gift. Instead of giving them a nice present that they’ll enjoy, you’re sending them the message that they should work on themselves and become a better person. Even if you don’t mean it, that’s what the message is.


Another bad gift idea is anything that includes work for the person receiving the gift. A puzzle might seem like a fun gift, but it will go to waste if the person doesn’t like puzzles. Aim for gifts that are ready for use the moment you open them.

Anything gross

You shouldn’t give anything that people typically find gross or off-putting, like dead flowers or slime. Although they may seem fun to you, they usually end up as annoyances to your friends. Don’t gift things that create messes or something they might find revolting, as they’ll likely get angry.

Now, all these bad gift ideas you should give to people aren’t hard and fast rules. For example, if your friend likes self-improvement books or puzzles and wants one, it won’t make a bad gift. If you know that your friend will like a gift or they ask for something on this list, then still get it for them. This list is to give you a general sense of what makes a bad gift for most people.