7 Effects of Vaping Psilocybin Mushroom Extract

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One of the prominent traits of the modern era is an increased dependence on recreational and natural substances for alleviating anxiety and pain. And, the magic mushrooms are one such substance.

Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly called magic mushrooms, have a rich history of being used in medicinal and ceremonial practices in Africa. However, people use this mushroom nowadays for relaxation and recreation.

You must have already heard about Psilocybin supplements and their popularity. But, what about vaping Psilocybin mushroom extracts? Does it have a similar impact as the supplements? What exactly are the effects of these magic mushrooms?

Here’s a brief overview of the seven effects of vaping Psilocybin mushroom extracts. Go through it to get all the answers to your queries.

The Ability to Alleviate Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression have become common issues in this modern age that take a toll. Magic mushrooms can affect your serotonin levels. It is the chemical that’s responsible for fighting the symptoms that cause feelings of anxiousness and depression.

The active ingredients in the Psilocybin mushrooms can communicate and bind to your prefrontal cortex and the serotonin receptors. Thus, it limits the flow of your negative ideas and thoughts.

It can lead to a greater inclination towards positive thinking in the long duration, without the crippling impacts of anxiety. FDA has termed it breakthrough therapy owing to its power of combatting depression. 


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Makes It Easier To Fight Addiction Withdrawals

Smoking or substance addictions have been one of the most commonly seen problems in people since times immemorial. It leads to harmful lifestyle patterns and is detrimental to the health of the addict.

Psychedelics like Psilocybin mushrooms can come to the aid in this regard. The active ingredients present in the shrooms help a user refrain from smoking or substance addiction after follow-up. 

By vaping Psilocybin mushrooms, you can take care of substance consumption disorders, including nicotine and cocaine addictions, as they help break the addiction patterns. 

A research of the Johns Hopkins University, led by Matthew Johnson, showed that psilocybin vaping has helped the smokers stay away from their addictions for almost a year. 

Can Affect the Control Mechanisms of the Brain

The psychedelic effect of Psilocybin mushrooms breaks up the usual control mechanisms of the brain. It leads to an elevated state of consciousness and induces feelings of relaxation and joy.  

Small doses of the extract can make you feel more flexible and fluent since your mind’s normal restrictive mechanisms are relaxed.

It is one of the reasons why there has been an increase in people vaping these mushrooms. However, remember to keep the dose small to enjoy the positive impacts of this reduction in control factors.

Leads to a Greater Sense of Spiritual Awareness

The fact that psilocybe cubensis relieves your brain’s control mechanisms also leads to a greater sense of spiritual awareness. 

Many people who vape the magic mushrooms claim to have found a sense of inner peace and calmness. It leads to a journey towards spiritual awakening. 

Though there is no reason to think that vaping the psychedelic mushrooms is a shortcut to spiritual awakening, it has been seen in many studies that the shrooms can increase consciousness. 

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Increase Openness in Your Personality

Human beings are born with enough openness and love in their hearts. We are inherently eager to connect and learn as conscious beings. However, experiences that cause suffering close people down over the years.

For instance, failing to play the right chords on the guitar for the first time might make you reluctant to try it ever again in life.

Psilocybin can be of help in such cases. It leads to a significant increase in the openness of an individual. In this case, openness refers to the attitude of an individual towards new experiences and even new people. 

Psilocybin Mushrooms Can Increase Creativity

Psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms can increase your imagination’s strength, leading to a greater inclination towards creative pursuits.

Did you know that even The Beatles used psychedelic drugs, and that influenced their music?

The components in the Psilocybin mushrooms let you feel connected with the surroundings, which enhances your creativity level. 

The neurological changes brought in by the extracts can increase your focus on your art. The effect of such changes is known to last for more than a year in most cases. 

The Magic Mushrooms Limit Your Ego Levels

Ego is something that is not inherent in any individual. We are not born with it, but we certainly pick it up as we go through different life stages.

Has it ever happened that your ego has prevented you from accepting new people? Did you ever feel too hesitant to handle a new situation just because your ego doesn’t let you?

Magic mushrooms help in grounding your sense of self, which breaks down the barriers of ego. It gives you the ability to fight through the negative patterns and be more welcoming towards new perspectives.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are some really good effects of vaping Psilocybin mushroom extracts. Keep in mind that the magic mushrooms can also lead to hallucinations, acute mood swings, and coordination problems. 

It’s important to remember that old adage which says ‘too much of anything is bad.’ You can enjoy all the positive effects of the mushrooms only when you use it in moderation. Keep a check on the amount of extract you use, and you’ll be just fine.

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