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6 Tips To Handle Weak Vape Battery Issues

Have you ever had a weak vape battery? If so, you’re aware of how frustrating it can be. This is especially bad if you are in the middle of vaping and your battery dies. The last thing you need is your vape battery dying on you. It can be an inconvenient experience and one that is likely to happen again if not appropriately handled.

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Fortunately, some simple changes can help reduce the chance of having this happen to you again. Here are six tips for handling weak vape battery issues!

  1. First Things First, Check if the Battery is On or Off

When you notice your vape battery is weak or dying, the first thing to do is check the on/off switch. While this seems like common sense, it’s essential to ensure that your device is turned off before continuing with the next tips. If not, consider the following information to handle a weak vape battery.

  1. Invest in Ooze Pen Batteries

Ooze is among the leading manufacturers of vape pen batteries. If your Ooze pen battery is weak and has stopped working, invest in a battery for Ooze pens. Getting a compatible battery gives you a better chance of getting a battery that works as expected and lasts longer. If you’re using the vape pen for dabs, invest in Ooze’s dual quartz coil to give your wax vaping experience an extra edge too!

  1. Treat It as You Would a New Battery

You may not think it’s essential to treat a weak vape battery the same way you would treat an unused one, but doing so makes all the difference. If your battery is still working, there’s still hope of a hassle-free vaping experience. Some of the things to avoid include:

Don’t Overcharge Your Batteries

There’s a common misconception that leaving your battery on charge after it’s full somehow stacks extra power so that the battery lasts longer. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and it’s a nasty habit to get into. 

Leaving your battery plugged in for hours after it has already been charged will likely result in overheating, which will damage both your vape batteries and reduce their lifespan.

The best approach to take here is to remove your vape from its charger once it has reached full charge. Only recharge it when it has been drained a little.

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Don’t Drain Batteries Completely

Another common misconception about vape batteries is that you should drain them completely before recharging them again. Doing so will reduce its lifespan and destroy its capacity to hold a charge as we advance too!

The best approach here is to charge your vape when it has about 20% battery left. This will, without a doubt, guarantee you enjoy the best of both worlds and keep your batteries in tip-top condition for longer!

Don’t Leave Your Batteries in Hot or Cold Temperatures

It’s also essential that you don’t leave your batteries in hot or cold places either because it can damage them too. If they get too hot, then there is a good chance that the battery will explode, which isn’t good!

Likewise, suppose they’re left in cold places for an extended period. In that case, there’s a solid chance that the chemical composition inside your vape batteries will change because it can cause lithium-ion batteries to become unstable. 

  1. Consider Changing the Coils

A common problem you’ll notice in weak batteries is that they don’t produce as much vapor anymore. This can signify that you need to change your coils because if they’re clogged up, the battery will work harder and, therefore, use more power.

  1. Clean the Vape Pen

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Cleaning your vape pen may also go a long way in improving battery performance. You see, when you don’t clean your vape pen, it’ll start to build up residue that can impact the inside of your vape batteries. Therefore, make it a habit to clean your vape pen regularly to avoid any problems.

  1. Invest a Compatible Charger or USB Cable

Another reason why you may be having weak vape battery issues is because of using the wrong charger and cable for vaping needs. For example, if you use a mobile phone’s charging cord for vaping purposes, it’ll lead to poor performance.

Therefore, make sure you use the correct charger and cable for vaping, or you can use an external battery bank to charge your vape pen. If you’re not sure which charger to use, consult with your local vape shop.

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If you decide to change the battery, it’s also crucial to ensure that the charger you have matches your battery. Otherwise, you can destroy your vape pen due to having a mismatched charger and battery.

Wrapping Up

A weak vape battery can be downright frustrating. However, you can take the above steps to handle this issue accordingly.

If these tips still don’t work out well for you, it may be time to get a new vape battery altogether – make sure that the one you choose will provide good performance! Also, choose a battery that’s compatible with your vape pen.


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