4 Ways To Unleash Your Car’s Performance Potential

4 Ways To Unleash Your Car’s Performance Potential

Do you want to squeeze as much power and speed out of your vehicle as possible? We can help! Below, we explain the best ways to unleash your car’s performance potential, from new tires to an upgraded exhaust system and more!

Performance Tires

A good place to start for any driver looking to upgrade their vehicle’s performance is the tires. The stock, general-purpose tires your car likely came with are okay for regular commuters, but you’ll want enhanced rubber if you want to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your vehicle. Performance tires offer drivers increased handling response and traction in wet and dry conditions—so they’re a key safety consideration for sports cars. Performance tires have higher speed ratings than normal tires, so look for ones with higher speed ratings or ask a tire shop expert what they’d recommend for your vehicle.

Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake is one of the first things many performance-thinking drivers add to their cars to give them a power boost. A cold air intake is an addition to your vehicle’s stock intake system—rather than feeding the hot air from the engine compartment back into the engine; it supplies colder, denser air from outside the car. This colder air has more oxygen, creating better engine combustion and a greater power output. A cold air intake system can add up to 20 horsepower to your car.

Performance Flywheel

Assuming your car is a manual transmission (it should be if it’s a high-performance sports car), you’ll also want to consider adding a performance flywheel. Drivers shouldn’t forget that adding more performance to their car puts additional stress on other components, like the clutch and flywheel. A performance flywheel improves vehicle performance in many ways, including enhancing the acceleration. You’ll need a smooth clutch engagement for a high-quality, performance car, and a performance flywheel helps you achieve that.

Aftermarket Exhaust System

Installing an aftermarket exhaust is another way to unleash your car’s performance potential. Like stock tires, your car’s exhaust system wasn’t built with performance at the forefront. Stock exhaust systems only keep your car quieter on the road.

Aftermarket performance exhaust systems, however, facilitate better airflow, which results in a louder car (which many performance drivers prefer) and helps the engine draw in more air and boost performance. Many exhaust systems for performance drivers are available, from header-back to cat-back and axle-back, so research the ideal fit for your vehicle or ask an expert.

Now, you should have some ideas for how to unlock the full potential of your vehicle. With performance upgrades to the flywheel, exhaust system, and more, you’ll feel and hear the difference in your car’s performance.