4 Things You Should Be Cleaning Every Day

4 Things You Should Be Cleaning Every Day

You wash your hands every day because you touch many grimy things. However, the bacteria can still make their way onto surfaces within your home. So why are we not taking the time to sanitize high-touch items daily? You should be cleaning several things every day to keep you and your family healthy. Add the following items to your cleaning to-do list.

Remote Controls

When you live in a household with multiple people, they’re probably all touching the TV remote control frequently. The kids want to watch Bluey, and dad wants to turn on the next NBA game. The remote can become dirty without anyone noticing it—that’s if you can find it wedged between the couch cushions.

At the end of each night, take a dab of rubbing alcohol on a cloth to sanitize the remote. Now it’s clean and ready for tomorrow’s episode of The Bachelor.

Computer Keyboard

Many working adults are now doing their job from the comfort of their home office. Whether you’re using a family computer or a personal laptop, you must clean the keyboard daily because it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Perhaps one night, your child ate Doritos while watching a YouTube video, and the next day, you spilled coffee. Now, your keyboard has layers of filth.

Before you sit down and start your day by answering hundreds of emails, take 30 seconds to give your keyboard a quick cleaning. Isopropyl alcohol works great, or you can use electronic-safe sanitizing wipes.

Smartphones and Touch Screens

Another high-touch item that we use on a daily basis is our phones and other touch screen devices. You’re picking up your smartphone much more frequently than you might realize; it’s almost like a reflex to us now. And don’t get us started on our little ones constantly begging for our phones with their sticky yet adorable fingers.

Cleaning and sanitizing your phone is necessary every day because we’re touching them and bringing them up to our faces. Isopropyl alcohol is the best way to thoroughly clean your phone.

Counters and Tabletops

Have you ever told yourself at night that you would clean the kitchen counters in the morning, only to wake up to ants crawling all over? We all hate the chore of cleaning the kitchen after a meal, but the 15 minutes of extra relaxation after dinner is not worth the 15 ants you’ll find. Even if there are no ants, will you really be in the mood to clean when you wake up?

We use our kitchen counters and table tops more than once a day, so cleaning this item should be at the top of your list. Use a sponge or washcloth, dish soap, and warm water to do this. However, ensure that you disinfect the sponge or washcloth you use to clean the counter, or you will spread the germs and bacteria around instead of removing them.

There are plenty of things you should be cleaning every day, but our suggestions are a great place to start. Many of the things we interact with daily are cesspools for germs, and we don’t even realize it! We promise it’s worth taking the time to clean these items once a day.