4 Great Foods To Try From Around the World

4 Great Foods To Try From Around the World

While eating what you’re used to is never a bad thing, you miss out on a lot of the most amazing flavors from the many countries around the world. Luckily, with improvements to transportation and the internet, you can now get food from anywhere. Here are four great foods you should get for your family dinners that come from all over the place.

China: Dumplings

China has lasted thousands of years, giving it years to develop some of the most amazing food traditions out there. Dumplings are one of their best traditions, and you’ll understand why once you try them for yourself. These doughy pastries are full of minced savory fillings that make a perfect meal or appetizer.

Mexico: Chorizo

While there are dozens of different types of chorizos, the Mexican style is something worth trying. Traditionally, Mexican chorizo uses pork for meat and chilis and vinegar as seasoning. Chorizo works well as its own dish, but there are many popular ways to eat chorizo.

Vietnam: Pho

Pho has had a long tradition as a classic meal in Vietnam for about 150 years at least. The best-tasting pho takes days to make, as you soak and boil beef bones in water to make a simple yet delicious broth. There are many different takes on pho, with people adding spices and different garnishes to create amazing dishes. This is why it’s one of the best foods to try that come from around the world.

Middle Eastern: Shawarma

This Middle Eastern dish originates from the ottoman empire but is now a popular street food you can find all over the place. It’s usually on a rotating vertical spit with thin slices cut off to create the dish. Cooks season and marinate the meat before putting it on the spit and selling it to customers, normally in a sandwich or wrap of flatbread. There are many different sauces that come with shawarma, depending on the type of meat the cooks use.

These are a few of the tasty and flavorful foods out there in the world ready to be at your table. Even if you can’t find these ingredients in your local stores, you can easily get them online.