4 Elements That Are Hindering Your Phone’s Signal

4 Elements That Are Hindering Your Phone’s Signal

No one likes dropping a call, and some of us run into the problem more often than others. Why is that? The four elements that are hindering your phone’s signal can range from network traffic to nature itself. Detecting the cause makes putting an end to this frustrating problem easier, and sometimes, fixing the problem is as easy as changing your location.

Network Traffic

The more people connecting to a single cellular network, the more competition there is. Because of this, you may often find yourself struggling to make calls or use data in populated areas. In addition, since everyone is trying to access the same tower at once, speeds slow down for everyone.


The further off the grid you are, the harder it is to pull a strong signal. This is because distance and environmental factors work against you—there’s a high chance of natural obstructions between you and the network tower.

One way to find out if this is the issue is to check your signal strength. You may be surprised to learn what signal bars really mean, as they’re not the most accurate signal reading. Instead, you’ll have to go into your settings and find your dBm reading, which differs for Androids, iPhones, and Blackberries.

Weather Patterns

Mother nature seems to have it out for cellular signals. In addition to forests, mountains, and valleys, heavy weather also weakens it. If you find yourself stuck in a heavy thunderstorm or blizzard, making calls could be challenging.

Phone Issues

Did these problems pop up after dropping your phone? Internal damage could impair your phone’s antenna and, as a result, its ability to communicate. While buying a case can prevent this from happening, make sure it’s not too thick, as this could also weaken the signal.

Another phone-related element that is hindering your phone’s signal could be a low battery. Give your phone some time to recharge before testing how it works. If this doesn’t work, then one of the other factors is likely causing your dropped calls.