3 Ways To Get Into Football Season Without Cable

3 Ways To Get Into Football Season Without Cable

The beginning of fall marks the start of football season, and many fans become excited to tune into the competitive sport. But when you lack the television connection needed to watch the games, you may need other methods to participate in viewership. Here are a few ways to get into football season without cable and tackle the obstacles of being without a connection.


The world of streaming continues to grow and provide access to must-watch shows without cable. Numerous streaming services exist to choose from that offer sports packages or channels, such as ESPN+ or Hulu. Sign up for a streaming service in time for football season and enjoy the freedom of watching numerous games.

Though these games stream as live events, you can replay them and rewatch older games in case you miss the action. A downside to these services is their price, with some apps, such as Hulu, costing $70 per month for live TV services. It’s best to find a streaming service that provides live streaming for the lowest cost if you only want to watch football games when they air.


Many relied on an attached antenna to receive a signal to their TV for years. TV antennas are reliable resources to ensure you have the necessary connections to watch your favorite shows. You may not have the same access to numerous channels as cable television or streaming, but it is a great way to watch football.

The antenna connects to the TV so it can receive signals through electromagnetic waves. These signals are broadcast from different local networks. The device takes the signal, displays it on your TV, and gives you the connection you need to enjoy the game. You can connect an antenna to your television using various methods, most involving coaxial cables. All current and older model TVs come with a coaxial port and provide connections to antennas and other devices.


The time-honored radio is one of the easiest ways to tune into a football game. Car radios, alarm clock radios, or an app on your phone provides the opportunity to listen to the action thanks to the announcers giving coverage.

A certain relaxing and nostalgic ambiance envelopes the space when listening to the radio. Listen to the football game with a beverage and some snacks. While there are numerous other ways to watch football, the radio has remained a great way to get into football season without cable and continues to include people in the action.

Cable television is an enjoyable luxury, but when football season starts, you need a way to get involved. Use these methods to watch or listen to the next game and catch up on who’s on track to receive that large hunk of sterling silver at the end.