3 Essential Amenities RV Campers Look For

3 Essential Amenities RV Campers Look For

For those who love to travel, RVs allow owners to combine their vehicle, lodging, and storage into a single package. While RVs may offer many of the comforts of home, people will still want some additional things from their campsite.

To ensure your guests have everything they need, you’ll need to consider their habits. Here are three essential amenities that RV campers look for when choosing a location to park for the night.

Electrical Hookups

Probably the most important item RV campers want is electricity. They probably have numerous onboard electronics that the vehicle’s batteries can power. However, it’s good to have an external source for some more demanding tasks.

An RV’s batteries can usually run the lights, water, and other small appliances. While campers can bring their own generators, solar panels, and other forms of energy generation, giving them easy access to electricity will make them more likely to choose your site.

Portable Restrooms

While they do enjoy traveling, most people who use RVs don’t like to get dirty. Investing in portable restrooms may be your best option if you don’t have any on-site sanitation facilities. While simple porta potties allow people to go to the bathroom in privacy, restroom trailers offer more lavish comforts and just as much flexibility.

Portable restrooms provide climate control, indoor plumbing, and lighting, giving your guests all the comforts of home. When renting portable restrooms, it’s good to know how much space you’ll need to ensure your facilities aren’t too crowded.

On-Site Wi-Fi

While it’s nice to get outdoors and disconnect from the digital world, many RVers will still want the internet for work, entertainment, and communication. On-site Wi-Fi services make it easy for campers to stay connected during their stay without having to leave their lot.

When setting up your Wi-Fi service, you should keep a few key details in mind to ensure it works as well as possible. You should use ethernet lines as much as possible to create a reliable network. Try to remove any obstacles that aren’t necessary to avoid degrading the signal. You can install Wi-Fi boosters and extenders throughout the campgrounds to give everyone as good a connection as possible.

Give Your Campers What They Want

When running a campground, you must consider the needs of your guests. If you’re getting a lot of complaints, you should address the issue immediately. Providing the essential amenities RV campers look for will make their stay more convenient and keep them returning year after year.